Acknowledging Wendy

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Wendy, I want to acknowledge how you met my needs yesterday.  I was feeling sad and lonely, wanting to be alone and at the same time really wanting connection, and feeling some old hurt also when we took our lunch break.  I've been wanting to get to know you better so I took a risk, inviting you to join me on my boring lonely lunch run (since I was avoiding my own issues), and I thought you were gonna say no but then you just turned and came with me instead of hanging with the "fun" group.  I had such a nice time with you!  You are so cheerful and real, and you embraced whatever I came up with: share sushi rolls?  Yeah!  Try sweet-hot candied ginger?  Yeah!  Eat at my house?  Yeah!  Look at my paintings?  Yeah!  I felt so connected and appreciated, and you encouraged me so strongly about my painting.  WoW!  Thank you Ever-so-Much! 


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Being an artist, I'd love to see some of your paintings. Would you consider posting some images of your art to your image gallery?

Edwin Basye, Webmaster,

Edwin, your You4ia! Webmaster


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Hi Edwin, thanks for the invitation.  My paintings are very 3-dimensional, for example I've used embroidery floss for hair, and dyed, fabric twists for seaweed, built up tree trunks so they stand out from the page and are very "barkie."  So far I've not been able to takes pics that capture that well.  "Course, I'm not much of a photographer . . . .  If I could really get the feel of them, I'd be happy to post them.  My thanks again for your interest.  Sarah