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Hmm highlight of today…

There were so many.  I’ll start with now and work back to earlier today.  I am currently nibbling on a very delicious piece of chocolate which was one of my fantastic gifts of Christmas Eve.  This amazing chocolate has chipotle, salt and popping candy INSIDE!!! How outrageous is that?  Remember pop rocks?

Then there was the kiss goodbye.  Ahhh, brilliant ; ) soft and sweet ending in a giggle.

I spoke with my Momma earlier tonight.  I told her about my presents and how much fun we had over the weekend, what I loved about the weekend, what I was thinking about… just general girl talk.  It was so great to relive all the fabulous moments of my weekend and to share it with her.

To put how I’m  feeling right now in her words…”I am full”

How many ways I am blessed!

Much love to you…

 Joy : )

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