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What brings you JOY..?


When I was younger I used to dance and sing in my car.  My hair would fly all over the place, it was quite long... and purple at one point.  I would have really silly conversations with myself, laugh at the sounds I was making, laugh at what my face must look like when I did certain things.  One time I gave myself whip lash because of the erratic movement of my head.  I loved it!  My friends and I would have so much fun just being silly... but they were not always with me, many times I was alone which made it much more entertaining for the people in nearby cars.  Oh, I still do it sometimes... maybe not as often.  But now that I think of it I'm going to do it more ; )  I used to "dim" my joy because I started to notice that I laughed much more than most people, and at things that no one else laughed at.  My brother would sometimes just look at me and ask me what I could possibly find funny. 


What would you do RIGHT NOW if the little bubbling in your heart could SING?  I'm going to do a dance... you do your thing and we'll meet back here in 3 minutes... GO!


What did you do?


Tell me! : )

Joy: )


"The Joy Coach"


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