Inspired by a true pioneer

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After seeing Edwin's site on the intentional community that he and Michael are developing in Arizona I can only say WOW!.  I was always inspired by pioneers who came to Nebraska and Iowa in the 1800s whose stories were told by Willa Cather and Bess Streeter Aldrich.  I love the idea of living in harmony with nature the way my family did in Otter Creek township in 1889.  I long to see our country express a renewed love for our planet and treat Her with the same gentle kindness she shows us.  Edwin is doing just that!  He is living simply, starting gardens, planting trees, and working towards a Cal Earth dome structure that reminds me a cross between a great coiled pot upside down and a Hobbit home.  Edwin,  you are manifesting the future now and your contribution, insight and vision is awesome!  YOU are definately inspiring. 


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Thank you

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Thank you, Mary

That makes me feel warm all over and is great validation for one of the primary foci of my life!

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