Living Ecstaticly!

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I so LOVE being on the calls!!On one of them I GOT it about living ecstatically and have been amping up my life ever since. It is so much fun to co-create with you ~ I look forward each day, to celebrate my celebrations and to setting my intentions for the next few days! It has positively enhanced my relationship w/ my partner, and expanded my community of friends! THANKS sooo much for all your work and your vision!! Love, KP

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Thanks so much AirKaren

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It is so fun to have you and your amazing energy with us all.  I know you addressed this to me and it goes out to all the staff here too.  Kudos to all.

Thanks for the appreciations.  Smiles, Jim

meant for all

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glad you posted, it was meant for all.





Boldness has genius, magic and power in it!

really great!

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I am also so happy you are participating in the You4ia! world! When I hear you are "getting it" it meets my need for meaningfulness of my work.

Edwin, your You4ia! Webmaster

right on

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I love that when we are being our Selves, we feed others Smile


Boldness has genius, magic and power in it!