What is new? I would like to hear from Fellow You4ia's

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Its been quiet on the You4ia board.  I would love to hear from others to see how everyone has been.


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Staying Connected

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Thans for the shout out Meta.  If your peeps are not on the general blog and site hub regularly then give them a blast directly with an email or put their addresses on your blogs so they get them in their you4ia mail too.

I appreciate you for your willingness to play.  We have marketing plans that will grow the fellow players for us all to connect more often and more deeply.

Smiles, Jim Ross

Remember, PM is available

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I also acknowledge you sending out this little wake-up call! Way to go!


Private messaging is also available to directly connect with other You4ians. Just look up your fellow You4ians on Browse Users under the Connect Menu and when you get to their profile you can click the Send private message link to send them a message.

Edwin, your You4ia! Webmaster