Feel You4ia! Blogs: Tranquility

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Reklama na telebimach

Reklama w Medicover Atrakcyjna lokalizacja nośników to chociaż sam z wielu atutów reklamy na ekranach LED.

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Celebrating Fall


The air is turning and Yosemites is open again so all is right with the world.  Our days are shorter though no less sweet for the waning time.

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Day 7 - Desires and intentions

As I was writing today, I was able to tangibly describe my desire, and the best part was that it came to me so easily.

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Yosemite Ranger Wisdom---slowing down to nature's pace

A very wise NP Ranger, at White Wolfe Campfire, suggested we are all going so very fast in our lives that nature is here to help us slow down and begin to "notice" again.

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A quote from my Buddha friend Adyashanti on knowing

"If you want to know something, go elsewhere.

If you want to un-know everything, then sit and listen."  Adyashanti


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What is new? I would like to hear from Fellow You4ia's

Its been quiet on the You4ia board.  I would love to hear from others to see how everyone has been.


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Lunar Eclipse Soon

There is a lunar eclipse coming up the night of the 20th of December 2010. If you have clear skies, look up and enjoy! For details see:


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Tuning In to My Emotions

I'm slowing down enough today to notice the needs and desired behind every emotion! All I want is coming to me and my emotions are the indicator of my "flow" levels. One question: "Is that a stress/resistance or a ease/flow/receiving emotion?" All the feedback is moving me toward my goals. It's alllll good. Yes!
:-) D.