Feel You4ia! Blogs: Appreciation-Love

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I <3 the awesome people in my life!

I'd like to express my appreciation of my parents for being incredibly supportive, and loving me just as I am.

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I Intend to ReCieVe! :)

 It is my intention to meet more outstanding and amazing beings to be friends with and co-create with a

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I want to acknowledge my friend Isabelle. She meets my needs for connection, manefestation, and encouragement. She also meets my needs for beauty and friendship.

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Day 29 of the 30 Attraction Program

I acknowledge myself for continually coming back to You4ia to view David's videos and for continuing to want to be inspired.  I acknowledge Hamid and his family for welcoming my wife and m

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I am calling my soulmate into my life

Today I woke up and felt like I need to go to my special place on the hill in San Francisco.  Just to feel the joy and celebration of my life and all the meaningful things that came to me.

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I really appreciate Lindsey Smile She meets my needs for community! Thank you for sending me a friend request, it feels really good to co-create with you!

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Giving people<3

Today I visted a health care rehabilitation center for seniors. I was in the recreation room with the person I was visiting and across from us a group of ladies were playing a game.

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Wow! This works so well!! HeeHee

I am celebrating my amazing joyous feeling!

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My dream

I imagine myself in the white big house on the top of the hill in San Francisco.  The windows overlook the blue waters of the bay. I see tall green trees and other rooftops.