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Dare to Dream

Love this music. Really inspiring when I'm down and having a rough day at work with my carpet cleaning biz. >> https://youtu.be/TOg4TZH9uS4


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Hugs for dinner...really!

Please check out our video posted by Edwin on Tim from Tim's Place---a restaurant counting hugs given rather than billions sold.  Too cool for school.  SMiles, Jim

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Celebration of Life

Why trifle with things minute and small, When all that's required is heeding heart's call

Connection, Compassion, Understanding and Ease, These are a few of my personal needs

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Giving Time to Co-Create

David, may I acknowledge you?  I would like to acknowledge David Ross for taking time Saturday night to set aside what he was doing to give his time to listen to me and help me work through my

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Day 10 of 30

I'm celebrating David's amazing skills as an educator. I love the analogy he used when he was talking about the garden of our dreams.

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Biggest intention of all

I intend to feel better. (:

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Day 18 - 30 Day Attraction Program

I am open to spending more time in joy each day.  I started my day today with 15 minutes of meditation.  What a calm and peaceful feeling. 

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More From Day 6 of 30

I would like to have more joyous encounters. Its so pleasing and satisfying when I travel around and randevu with clever funny cheery people. I like when I am in part of an uplifting encounter.

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Day 6 of 30

I intend to create more thoughts that are more in alignment with me, more often, more of the time. I intend to feel more joy in my life.