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Day 4 of 30

More joy please Smile I allow myself to yearn for more joy, expierence more joy, see more joy, cheer more for joy, laugh with joy

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whoo who


I want to acknowledge myself. Self -you have come a long way. I really enjoy your reactions now a days. I appreciate how you surround yourself with great people.

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I am appreciative of David Ross's authenticity. The videos are about the same as being with him in person.

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day 3 of 30

I intend to feel better, more independent, more passionate and engaged. I would love to have more activities that I am excited and joyful about doing.

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more than anything

More than anything, I want to activate my true self and really expierence, even more fully, my most emence conection, joy, satisfaction, and appreciation<3

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Day 3 - Assignment

I am open to living an empowered life without thought or effort. 

I am open to creating the habits needed to embody this as my new life. 

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Feeeeeeeeling of Euphoria - YAY!!!

I acknowledge myself for creating an environment of simplicity and joyousness around me that can be readily felt and shared by all my acquaintances, family, and friends. 

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Day 10 Attraction success

I'm noticing my addiction to doing at this moment. 

I'm wanting to distract myself from something...pain, fear...?

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Day 9 Attraction Success

I love Day 9!!! Fun unexpected quick one : ) 


Yes! Choose again.


Joy : )




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Daily joy

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