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The Cure for Regrets

Make a decision and then make it right. There just are no wrong decisions. You could go this way, or that way, and either way will eventually get you to where you want to be.

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Oh No Not Again!

The mind chatter says: I have ruined my eye! I'm gonna be blind! The mind chatter says: I can't afford eye surgery!  The mind chatter says: I don't even have an eye doctor!  The mind chatter says:  I don't even know where my health insurance card is!  The mind chatter says: I can't lose work!

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The EX

The mind chatter says "He is a jerk" The mind chatter says " why can't he follow through" The mind chatter says" I can't believe I married him" The mind chatter say &q

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appreciating myself.

Joy Hansen

Joy, may I acknowledge you?

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Was sitting at the computer this morning, stressing over my finances, when a movement caught my eye.  Looked out the window, and out there in my city yard were two young turkeys, chasing each

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Asking for and receiving what I want

I ask for what I truly want!  Even when the mind chatter says it's scary, even when the mind chatter says I can't do that, even when I don't want to. I ask.

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David and Patricia, I'd like to aknowledge you both for handling yourselves so beautifully in class yesterday in the midst of a lot of frustrations.  You both showed real grace, and your flexi

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Thank you, David Ross!

David Ross, I want to acknowlege you for understanding how challenging it is for your students to have 12 hour days, and then have home play we have to do before we get up in the mor

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I am celebrating my two beautiful and magnificent dogs, Ms. Heather Althea Pimentel and Mr. Augie Mogwai Pimentel.

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Yea for Jacquie!


Jacquie You Rock!  You're the first non-Edwin Group Starter!  And you started OUR group, the DeClutterers.  That meets my need for integrity (you did what you said you were gonna do!