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I have a plan to write a book about my personal transformation.  I have already began and am loving every second of it.  My book is still without the end, as my journey is still to be determined.  As I go about everyday life and before I achieve my end goal of the white house in San Francisco with loving family and friends, I will work on bringing more joy to my everyday life.  The little things: great food, excerise, admire nature (There is so much here in CA), explore and explore and discover and discover.  Anything goes.

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Your journey is inspiring.  I

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Your journey is inspiring.  I appreciate this entry for being so clear and joyous.  Thank you Daniela!

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I have discovered a writing class at the Writers Studio at Stanford Univesity Continuing Studies.  Just what I had in mind to feel joy more frequently.  I am starting in April.  ;-)