Creating a Positive Appreciation Account

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Today I heard Alison Armstrong on the Dennis Prager show, and was very impressed by her words. I will share with you two key points I gleaned:


  1. We need to understand the language of appreciation of the people we have relationships with, in order to provide them appreciation they recognize. For example, you may appreciate your partner with words, but your partner may not feel any appreciation from those words at all. What would really make them feel appreciated would be a 10-minute massage. Since that is just an example, the exact opposite could be true -- maybe you are the one that enjoys massage and what they need is to HEAR appreciation. So learn the language of appreciation of those you love and care about.
  2. Strive to create a positive appreciation account. This means providing MORE appreciation for the person than you think they deserve, and that they feel they deserve. This will spur a condition of imbalance, and will encourage them to do more, create more, be more fully themselves, push their boundaries. What a loving way to nudge those you love!


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Universe delivers again

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I just sent an email to you about this topic and here it is already.  Sweet.  Smiles, Jim

Thanks for sharing this.  It

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Thanks for sharing this.  It is a great thought.  In coaching I recognize that everyone speaks a different language.  Alot of being a great coach is meeting people where they are.   


Great thoughts!


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