Day 29 of the 30 Attraction Program

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I acknowledge myself for continually coming back to You4ia to view David's videos and for continuing to want to be inspired.  I acknowledge Hamid and his family for welcoming my wife and me to the Performance Access session this past weekend.  It met my need for love, sharing and inclusion.  And finally, I acknowledge David for reaching out to let my wife and me know he is excited to have us participate in the HLC program.  We are excited too and his continued communication shows caring and consideration.

Thank you.


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Tim & Julie,

So are you going to be new students at HLC?  How exciting!  I am so happy for you. You will make a difference in so many people's lives.  I am going to Power to Create in two weeks.  Might see you there?  Hamid and David are some of the best people you can get this thing going with.  What an inspiration they are.  I can't wait to see you all again. Smile