Day 9 - 30 Day Program

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I acknowledge my fellow co-creators that attended the Creation Course with me.  The time we shared together in class, and the time we share on our conference calls provides me with great joy and meets my need for cooperation, understanding and inclusion.  Thank you!

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I am so happy that the call number two happened but sad i couldn't be there.  So proud of you and Laura that you made it and that you shared your thoughts with us via email.  The day number 9 first threw me off guard.  David looked more serius than ever before and said what do you choose. So i tuned in and listed what I choose in my life.  I think that's what I was supposed to do.  How about you Tim?  How did you interpret it?

Is that the one where he said

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Is that the one where he said Choose Again?  I didn't really get it.  I thought there would be something the next day that exlained, but if there was I missed it.  I think it was just saying continue to choose, or make more choices - continue expanding your horizons is what I took from it.