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I want to acknowledge my friend Isabelle. She meets my needs for connection, manefestation, and encouragement. She also meets my needs for beauty and friendship. I really liked how we came together yesterday and really appreciated how open and full of wisdom she is. It is nice to speak with her and hug her!

I want to acknowledge my friend Alex. His emotional allignment is fun to be around. He is a great example for me. I enjoy his jolly energy and his fun sense of humour. He meets my need for inspiration, laughter, understanding, fun, peace, friendship, lightheartedness Smile creativity, mental activity and learning, and NEW -meaning I really enjoy the freshness that he brings in my life, whether he is reviving something or bringing spontaneous things to me, it is fun.

I also want to acknowledge Michael. He meets my needs for courage, ease, calm, fun, new, beginings, friendship!

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I am so appreciative of what I've learned and absorbed
being a member here and reading daily.


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