Timeless Joy

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Hilarious, wonderful, perfection, endless are only some words to describe a woman who gave and continues to give many of us in the world joy.  One of the main brains behind a great TV show that I truely love, Lucille Ball.  She inspires me to pursue my own joy so that I too could be timeless.  May her legacy never leave the airwaves and may all those to come appreciate the joy of her genious.  Hopefully, we will all gain the flame of her passion for her life's work to stoke or strike the flames of our own passions.  Let us always laugh and remember the art of clean humor!

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Sounds like a budding...

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comic in our midst?  I was just thinking of her the other day and her legacy to all creators and enjoyers of humor.  Thanks for your tribute.

Now go laugh out loud and live out loud.  Smiles, Jim