To The Universal Manager (who is very very good it's job!)

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It would be nice to have mulitiple sources of income. I picture working for many people doing odd ball jobs here and there. I saw an add on craigslist the other day about someone wanting a private reader. This person enjoys reading self-help books and things of the like but also enjoys audio learning and discussions. It sounds like a fun thing for me. I would like to have a gig like that, that fits perfectly into my scheduel.

Also I could do other things on my spare time. For example it would be perfectly fitting for me to work on a project for someone that I could do at my house while I listen to Abraham Hicks workshops or watching Avatar the Last Airbender Smile something like -sorting threw and organizing paper work (or something more fun! like color coding stuff or being a puzzel tester or helping out with an art project. I would like that).

So Universal Manager that works expressly for me,

Please send me fun loving, easy to get along with, fascinating, compassionate, bright and cheery people for me to work with and create even greater levels of abundance with. Have this be beneficial for all parties involved. Create a balanced scheduel for me and always give me the right timing for everything. Also, help me increase my vibrational and emotional capacity for me to be able to play with larrrge amounts of money and abundance! Trades and fun ways of aquiring abundance are always appreciated and greatly wanted. Thank you Universe. Thats all for now. <3

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