Yosemite Ranger Wisdom---slowing down to nature's pace

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A very wise NP Ranger, at White Wolfe Campfire, suggested we are all going so very fast in our lives that nature is here to help us slow down and begin to "notice" again.  She suggested taking a nap on a granite slab in the sun.  

I took her up on it napping as I gazed at the stars and Milky Way, Monday night atop the the May Lake High Sierra Camp ridge.  It was warm enough to spend an hour watching the shooting stars streak across the sky and Jupiter rise in the east.

Give it a try sometime...slow down to nature's and noticing's pace.  Smiles, Jim

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Sounds like a great idea

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I intend to treat myself to a nap or a "do-nothing" period sometime this week.

Edwin, your You4ia! Webmaster

I will utilize this advice on

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I will utilize this advice on my walk around the neighborhood nature trail this morning.  No granite slabs, but I will slow down to 'see' more clearly.

Thanks Jim!