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What John Muir Sees

The soul of John Muir was gratitude. It shined so brightly in eternity that it simply had to visit earth. Here's something he noticed during his brief stay...

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Yes, I'm Open to Receiving

You came to explore and sometimes your anti-mind creates tapes saying "You can't." And yet there's a part of you always saying "Oh yes, you CAN and it's already done and coming to you.

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Holiday Magic

Brief Version:

Open to a new levels of personal freedom and power today? It's arrived. Ready to receive? Write/feel a gratitude list for the "button pushers" you will be seeing this holiday and behold the magic within you.

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Enjoying the Great Weekend Live with Bijan


Bijan and I are here at The Great Weekend and we're celebrating: We're celebrating the excitement of seeing the new You4ia! Beta being launched!

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Present to Gratitude

Reminder: Although joy and peace can be the greatest of intentions, best not to let your mind chatter convert them into an end in and of themselves. Once they become this, the future distracts from the present and the joy and peace become more elusive as they attract the weight of time. The answer? What am I grateful for NOW? Why, I'm grateful for you:) David

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Lettin' It In

Hi friends. Just a reminder of the FUN-damentals:The clearest indicator of alignment with your higher-broader-inner-innate POWER is how much joy you're letting in. I'm lettin' in gratitude for you and the San Francisco Giants (the celebration parade starts in five minutes). What are you willing to let in now?

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A New Twist on Pleasuring Ourselves!

Did I just write that title? Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Of course, I mean "A New Twist to Finding Pleasure in Ourselves."

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Gratitude Waves

In this moment, if you're one of my friends, or a friend to be, then I'm sending you a gratitude wave (not as in a hello hand wave but a big ginormous, hugeantic tsunami gratitude wave). Are you ready to receive it and ride it with me? It's arrived you know. Have you slowed down enough to feel it and let it in?

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Tuning In to My Emotions

I'm slowing down enough today to notice the needs and desired behind every emotion! All I want is coming to me and my emotions are the indicator of my "flow" levels. One question: "Is that a stress/resistance or a ease/flow/receiving emotion?" All the feedback is moving me toward my goals. It's alllll good. Yes!
:-) D.
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David's Favorite Quote for the Day

“I’ve noticed that only the wonderful people are left in my life.” Keith Leon (That's because my friend Keith only chooses to see what's wonderful in people--DR)

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