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A friend just called me! Smile Right after I did my blogs about my friends! And she sounds happy! And told me she loves me! MY fRiEnDs ROCK!

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I Intend to ReCieVe! :)

 It is my intention to meet more outstanding and amazing beings to be friends with and co-create with a

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I want to acknowledge my friend Isabelle. She meets my needs for connection, manefestation, and encouragement. She also meets my needs for beauty and friendship.

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Celebrating my friends!

Wow! I've really been getting what I've been wanting. Yesterday I had such a fun filled day with so many people!

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I intend to allow all these in!

I intend:

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Just Mind Chatter

Mind chatter says, I'm not doing this right.

Mind chatter says, I won't have what I want.

Mind chatter says, Somethings wrong with me.

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Day 20 of 30


I feel a little bit of relief watching this last video. David said, "Remember everything you want is comming" and hearing that was soothing.

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Loss Chatter

Gosh I just feel so overwhelmed. The mind scatters from Tommy to my insurance to my lost papers to miscellaneous chatter. At least I know the source of my feelings. I feel lonely. I feel sad.

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Day 14 of 30

I acknowledge myself for really being committed to feeling good. My efforts to find relief and seek joy and support are helping. I acknowledge that I am opening up to more love.

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I really appreciate Lindsey Smile She meets my needs for community! Thank you for sending me a friend request, it feels really good to co-create with you!

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