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THE POWER of Co-Creation Central: The Blog Vortex

Co-Creation Central: The Blog Vortex is the main gathering place or "vortex" of public blogs in You4ia! Send your blog posts here to support and inspire others and stimulate the exponential power of co-creation for you and everyone around you.

The Blog Vortex is also an amazing place to visit when you simply want to release some stress and feel better. Spend more time in joy and you will develop the most valuable attraction habits in the world.

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  • Appreciate = Share here what you are appreciating and you will create more to be grateful for.

  • Celebrate = Celebrate what you manifested and it will keep speeding to you what you want.

  • Inspire = Share here your inspiring stories and quotes and align with your inner "YESSSS!"

  • Intend = Declare your intentions to the world so others can co-create exponentially with you.

  • Mind Chatter = Release your personal Kraken (negative self-talk) here, and achieve new freedom and power.

There's a new world for you here; your personal undiscovered country. Are you open to letting others in? To giving others access to you? You are exactly who the world needs fully self-expressed. You always have been. Why? Because YOU ARE THE ONE. When would NOW be a good time to express yourself?

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Giving Time to Co-Create

David, may I acknowledge you?  I would like to acknowledge David Ross for taking time Saturday night to set aside what he was doing to give his time to listen to me and help me work through my

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I want to acknowledge my friend Isabelle. She meets my needs for connection, manefestation, and encouragement. She also meets my needs for beauty and friendship.

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Day 29 of the 30 Attraction Program

I acknowledge myself for continually coming back to You4ia to view David's videos and for continuing to want to be inspired.  I acknowledge Hamid and his family for welcoming my wife and m

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Day 14 of 30

I acknowledge myself for really being committed to feeling good. My efforts to find relief and seek joy and support are helping. I acknowledge that I am opening up to more love.

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You4ia Creators

I acknowledge Jim and David for creating You4ia.  Their efforts meet my need for community, strategy and vision.  Thank You.

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I really appreciate Lindsey Smile She meets my needs for community! Thank you for sending me a friend request, it feels really good to co-create with you!'s picture


I acknowledge myself for not giving up.  I acknowledge myself for not giving up on my dream.  In spite all the daily difficulties I hold on to my dream and see it as real.

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Thanks you4ia!

I really like this website. Its nice to co-create together. I appreciate that my intentions are being put out there to not only the universe but to other deliberate creators!

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Self Acknowldgement - Day 14

I acknowledge myself for reaching out to ask a fellow attendee of the Creation Course to be my Co-creation buddy.  I acknowledge myself for getting to my joy place and maximizing my time there


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Celebrating Fall


The air is turning and Yosemites is open again so all is right with the world.  Our days are shorter though no less sweet for the waning time.

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I <3 the awesome people in my life!

I'd like to express my appreciation of my parents for being incredibly supportive, and loving me just as I am.'s picture

I would like to show appreciaton

I would like to show appreciation to myself for completing my 30 day program on You4ia.  I had few episodes left to watch for over a month now and finally did it.'s picture

I appreciate...

... my friends and people in my life who are all God sent.  They give me the best advise at the best time when I need them most.  You are all so special.  Thank you.'s picture

I am calling my soulmate into my life

Today I woke up and felt like I need to go to my special place on the hill in San Francisco.  Just to feel the joy and celebration of my life and all the meaningful things that came to me.

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New Home

I really love my new home. It is so peaceful. I really expierence a lot of tranquility here and it just gets better and better.

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I am appreciative of David Ross's authenticity. The videos are about the same as being with him in person.

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I appreciate my family and friends. laugh

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Appreciating My Daughter

My daughter, you are my pride and joy! I cherish every second that I spend with you. You are strong and independent in your thinking but gentle and compassionate when dealing with people.


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Dare to Dream

Love this music. Really inspiring when I'm down and having a rough day at work with my carpet cleaning biz. >>


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MEET UP TOMORROW THURS AUG 1ST Welcome Creation Course grads and earlier grads


We look forward to playing on the teleconference tomorrow night.  

Smiles, Jim

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Have a fun Cinco de Mayo celebration with your friends and family today.  I am off to some new place to check out the scene as we moved to the East Bay.   


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Welcome to the premier eduation and coaching site for law of attraction and related topics on the internet.

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Think and experience!

I am celebrating rapid manifestations. 

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Celebration of Life

Why trifle with things minute and small, When all that's required is heeding heart's call

Connection, Compassion, Understanding and Ease, These are a few of my personal needs

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A friend just called me! Smile Right after I did my blogs about my friends! And she sounds happy! And told me she loves me! MY fRiEnDs ROCK!

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Celebrating my friends!

Wow! I've really been getting what I've been wanting. Yesterday I had such a fun filled day with so many people!

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Day 10 of 30

I'm celebrating David's amazing skills as an educator. I love the analogy he used when he was talking about the garden of our dreams.

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Birthday Journey to San Diego, Tucson and beyond

Watch for updates on my trip right here as I visit Mom and extended family over the next two weeks.  Smiles, Jim


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Happy Birthday Andrew!



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Hugs for dinner...really!

Please check out our video posted by Edwin on Tim from Tim's Place---a restaurant counting hugs given rather than billions sold.  Too cool for school.  SMiles, Jim

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Giving people<3

Today I visted a health care rehabilitation center for seniors. I was in the recreation room with the person I was visiting and across from us a group of ladies were playing a game.

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Day 18 - 30 Day Attraction Program

I am open to spending more time in joy each day.  I started my day today with 15 minutes of meditation.  What a calm and peaceful feeling.'s picture

Get inspired

Today I will take all the joy, happiness and love that is in me and pass it on to the people I come in contact with.  I am inspired.  And so will they be.  

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At our core we are appreciators.  By embracing our appreciative nature we express our true selves most fully.

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Creating a Positive Appreciation Account

Today I heard Alison Armstrong on the Dennis Prager show, and was very impressed by her words.

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Timeless Joy

Hilarious, wonderful, perfection, endless are only some words to describe a woman who gave and continues to give many of us in the world joy.  One of the main brains behind a great TV show tha

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Nutritional Cleansing

It's essential to cleanse out the toxins and impurities from your blood, kidneys, liver, colon and cells.  For optimal health, we should all cleanse twice a month due to environmental poll


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Curiosity, Awe, Celebration!

I intend to see everything and everyone in my life with curiosity and awe, and celebrate who we are and how we are co-creating a world of sustainable wellbeing for all!'s picture


I intend to create joy in my everyday life.  I intent to meet my soulmate with whom we will  walk the spirtual way.  I intend to be open to everything that brings me joy and love.

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I Intend to ReCieVe! :)

 It is my intention to meet more outstanding and amazing beings to be friends with and co-create with a

kieran's picture

I intend to allow all these in!

I intend:

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Day 20 - 30 Day Attraction Program

I am excited to attend the Performance Access session this weekend.  Being with like minded co-creators will keep me in the flow.  And I am going to meditate this morning and relish the s

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More From Day 6 of 30

I would like to have more joyous encounters. Its so pleasing and satisfying when I travel around and randevu with clever funny cheery people. I like when I am in part of an uplifting encounter.

kieran's picture

Day 6 of 30

I intend to create more thoughts that are more in alignment with me, more often, more of the time. I intend to feel more joy in my life.

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To The Universal Manager (who is very very good it's job!)

It would be nice to have mulitiple sources of income.

kieran's picture

To The Universal Manager (who is very very good it's job!)

It would be nice to have mulitiple sources of income.

kieran's picture

I intend to believe in myself (Day 5 of 30)

It would be so nice to pay bills easily and harmoniously. It would feel so good to give money away freely and without attachment.

Mind Chatter

Alexander's picture

Odzysk danych z dysku po uszkodzeniu elektronicznym Warszawa

Odzyskiwanie danych po skasowaniu Warszawa Utrata danych że być zabójcą biznesowym, jeśli dzieje się to w niewłaściwych okolicznościach.

Alek's picture

Reklama na telebimach

Reklama w Medicover Atrakcyjna lokalizacja nośników to chociaż sam z wielu atutów reklamy na ekranach LED.

kieran's picture

Just Mind Chatter

Mind chatter says, I'm not doing this right.

Mind chatter says, I won't have what I want.

Mind chatter says, Somethings wrong with me.

kieran's picture

Loss Chatter

Gosh I just feel so overwhelmed. The mind scatters from Tommy to my insurance to my lost papers to miscellaneous chatter. At least I know the source of my feelings. I feel lonely. I feel sad.

Linz's picture

Mind chatter about posting in blog vortex

I've been wanting to post in the blog vortex but having a lot of mind I'm just going to post that


kieran's picture

Wrong Chatter

This chatter comes in the form of a picture. Its a mental image of my ex with another girl, flirting.

kieran's picture

Breakup Chatter

I keep having these thoughts that say, "One day he'll

kieran's picture

Mind Chatter Chatterin

Mind chatter says Im wasting energy. Mind chatter says I'll get in trouble for using the heater. Mind chatter says I wont last here long. Mind chatter says this opportunity will run out.

kieran's picture

MC says what

Mind chatter says my mom sucks. Mind chatter says how am I going to pay for all this. Mind chatter says I don't have enough money. Mind chatter says I need more.

kieran's picture

Babble Babble Babble

The mind chatter says I should be doing more..meh. It also says Im not good enough, I should go outside more, I should do more. Sheeesh