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webalchemist Oakland California I'd like to invite you to live life from a posture of amusement and joy. Discover yourself and your ultimate potential.
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meliblue SF - Inner Richmond District
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gypsykimmy's picture
gypsykimmy Berkeley(SF soon) California "being"
bschuttp's picture
bschuttp Livermore CA
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EvieAs123's picture
EvieAs123 San Francisco, CA, USA
Meta's picture
Meta Oakland, CA
dld's picture
dld Pleasanton, Calif. Living life as my most authentic self, savoring every moment, noticing every miracle, appreciating all I'm given...laughing all the way!
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Aimee Luna Rose's picture
Aimee Luna Rose Bay area I enjoy helping and healing all beings that are in need...I have a deep passion for all creatures great and small. My newest passion is making Jewelry
Kellberry's picture
Kellberry Union City, CA I wish to create around myself a community of like minded people who will inspire and motivate me to have everything that I desire.
Emily's picture
Emily Livermore, CA I am passionate about the healing power of touch! I am excited about life, about becoming healthier, about being OPEN to receiving and GIVING!
moongrinner's picture
moongrinner Livermore, CA
heatherhealing's picture
heatherhealing Concord, CA I am passionate about finding the joy and light in myself and others. Helping others find thier passion feeds my soul. Love is my passion.I love life!