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Sarah's picture
Sarah Pleasanton CA USA Playing with others, laughter, dance, the ocean, dolphins, learning, cooking with others, hiking
Tom's picture
Tom Belmont, CA, USA SCUBA Diving, My family
Beck's picture
Beck westport contribution JOY creation
Jacquie's picture
Becca's picture
Becca San Francisco, CA I love healthy, happy sustainable food! i love creating. . . anything!
Hilary's picture
Hilary San Francisco, CA, USA, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, UNIVERSE Love
Deb's picture
Deb Half Moon Bay, CA
consciousma's picture
consciousma Juno Beach, FL Being Joy!
dannos's picture
dannos Bremerton, Washington Being of service, helping people step up to the next level. Love music, love books, a wide variety of interest
RawChamp98's picture
RawChamp98 CT Helping others! Especially in areas where I am most knowledgeable (health, nutrition, raw food, etc.).
Tylor's picture
Tylor Mill Valley, CA Filmmaking. Story telling. Dreaming. Doing.
Julie_Morrison's picture
Julie_Morrison San Francisco, CA I am creating a community of Co-creators around me and I appreciate You4ia existing as an important tool!
Joy Hansen's picture
Joy Hansen San Clemente Connected loving relationships, Camping, Outside in general, Food with friends, Dancing, Singing, Off-roading...
DavidRoss's picture
DavidRoss San Francisco Bay Area, California Discovering new ways to enjoy life and enrolling people in joining with me. Contributing to others knowledge about the power of co-creation!
JimRoss's picture
JimRoss San Jose, California Bicycling, photography, sweet things