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kathy_ong's picture
kathy_ong San Francisco Getting in tune with my inner energy
Bijan's picture
Bijan San Francisco I've been running around making movies and music and massive love promotion.
Louis's picture
Louis San Francisco Travel, food, dancing, the outdoors, massage (of course), anything Green, things organic
hgarrett405's picture
hgarrett405 Tampa, FL Inspire health and happiness,massage therapy, Law of Attraction, random acts of kindness, playing, learning, exploring, making friends
connie's picture
connie klamath falls Oregon love,raw food, animals, nature, dancing, music, real values of care, humor, Light, Spirit, Native cultures,healing waters, acceptance - for a start
Jimmy's picture
schneiderhealer's picture
schneiderhealer I bring joy, gentle touch, and healing to the World Community
Wendy's picture
Wendy California Live Passionately,Walk in Integrity. Dream Big & Take Each Breath with Love & Courage for the Unknown. Whatever your Choices,Give Your Self Completely
Jessica's picture
Jessica Alameda, CA I have found my passion in finding holistic ways to support people in rejuvenating their body, spirit and lives.
cole's picture
cole San Francisco, CA
Megumi's picture
Megumi Oakland, CA Moving ever closer to a world of ease, peace and bliss. I teach, heal and lead.
iamjoy's picture
iamjoy San Francisco Bay Area Kascha and Rocky. Inventing new ideas.
Misty's picture
Misty Santa Rosa California Creating, Healing Mind, Body and Spirit, Cleansing and detoxification, Meditation, Running, Swimming
ElsaGomez's picture
ElsaGomez San Francisco communication, celebration and connection
Mary's picture
Mary Rohnert Park, CA Creation, deep connection to life, joy