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cole's picture
cole San Francisco, CA
Megumi's picture
Megumi Oakland, CA Moving ever closer to a world of ease, peace and bliss. I teach, heal and lead.
iamjoy's picture
iamjoy San Francisco Bay Area Kascha and Rocky. Inventing new ideas.
Misty's picture
Misty Santa Rosa California Creating, Healing Mind, Body and Spirit, Cleansing and detoxification, Meditation, Running, Swimming
ElsaGomez's picture
ElsaGomez San Francisco communication, celebration and connection
Mary's picture
Mary Rohnert Park, CA Creation, deep connection to life, joy
Christina P's picture
Christina P Livermore, CA I celebrate the beauty in all I see
Lisa's picture
Lisa Bay area, Northern California, USA spiritual growth, living joyfully
David D's picture
David D Livermore, CA Helping people, through detoxification, loving people
Edwin's picture
Edwin Douglas, Arizona, USA Attracting abundance, sustainable lifestyles, truth, freedom, wise use, The Web, philosophy, science fiction, outdoor activities
Sarah's picture
Sarah Pleasanton CA USA Playing with others, laughter, dance, the ocean, dolphins, learning, cooking with others, hiking
Tom's picture
Tom Belmont, CA, USA SCUBA Diving, My family
Beck's picture
Beck westport contribution JOY creation
Jacquie's picture
Becca's picture
Becca San Francisco, CA I love healthy, happy sustainable food! i love creating. . . anything!