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Feel You4ia! is a simple yet very powerful tool for practicing the key to unleashing the POWER in your life: that is, spending more time in joy and decreasing the amount of time you spend in stress--that is, the stress that is not absolutely necessary. Stress IS enormously beneficial yet it doesn't need to be as habitual or continuous as it is for some of you.

And if you are one of those with lots of stress, the answers are coming. You've found the right place. In both You4ia! and The Creator Network we will provide you some of the most advanced stress release practices available.

All that said, think of Feel You4ia! as one of the tools we have for you for developing mastery of your thoughts and emotions. Mastery of what? Your thoughts AND emotions.

And to do this we have a series of buttons below that you can press to either get "Relief" from emotional pain. (Do you see the button labeled "relief"?) OR to enhance the joyful states you are are already in by amping them up a little. Who's open to that?

More specifically, when you press one of the buttons below, you will go to a screen with videos that match the emotional states you want to spend time in. And this is also where you can post your favorite videos that evoke this emotion for you as well so you and others can have access to it in the future. You can support thousands of people this way just by sharing what works for you. Who's open to that?

Caveat: if you ARE in psychic pain. ALWAYS. What's the word? ALWAYS. Always start with the button labeled "Relief." That's the way you will train yourself to master your emotions. You do so by welcoming the uncomfortable ones, rather than trying to push them away. They ARE a part of your experience and most every time you try to paste happy feelings over uncomfortable ones, you miss the benefit of their message and reinforce the program in your mind. If you want joy, and you are feeling pain, go to "Relief" first, and then work yourself gently up the emotional scale over time.

Tuning into your emotions, learning their secrets, and learning to release stress and build more joy is the most important and valuable element in learning to fully express THE POWER in your life. That's why much of the content on You4a! and The Creator Network relates to this topic. We invite you to watch the other videos we have for you here in Feel You4ia! and remind and urge you to sign up for The Creator Network free 7-day test drive or the You4ia free 30-day attraction habits program. Are you still open?

Raise Your Emotional Vibration

  • Feel Relief
  • Be Tranquil
  • Be Inspired
  • Celebrate Joy
  • Appreciation = Love

     Relief      Tranquility       Inspiration      Joyful Celebration  Appreciation-Love


Feel You4ia! Blogs: Tranquility

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Reklama na telebimach

Reklama w Medicover Atrakcyjna lokalizacja nośników to chociaż sam z wielu atutów reklamy na ekranach LED.

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Celebrating Fall


The air is turning and Yosemites is open again so all is right with the world.  Our days are shorter though no less sweet for the waning time.

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Day 7 - Desires and intentions

As I was writing today, I was able to tangibly describe my desire, and the best part was that it came to me so easily.

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Yosemite Ranger Wisdom---slowing down to nature's pace

A very wise NP Ranger, at White Wolfe Campfire, suggested we are all going so very fast in our lives that nature is here to help us slow down and begin to "notice" again.

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A quote from my Buddha friend Adyashanti on knowing

"If you want to know something, go elsewhere.

If you want to un-know everything, then sit and listen."  Adyashanti