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Welcome Creation Course participants

It is exciting to have you join the community of You4ia!. Please take a moment or two to put a photo on your profile and sign up for the free offerings on our site.

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Happy Friday Eve and Happy December

The fun elevenies are almost gone.  I hope you enjoyed the many binary days of 2011. 11-11-11 comes to mind among others.

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At our core we are appreciators.  By embracing our appreciative nature we express our true selves most fully.

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Happy Friday Eve: Circle of Joy-Dog and Man

I was enjoying a labrador retriever name of Woofer in downtown Los Gatos today.

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Happy Birthday Mom

This weekend my Mom, a very southern california gal, celebrated her 83rd Birthday in Budapest.  Way to go Mom and Huzzah to all the Hubbard's that tagged along with ya.

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Celebrating November and embracing fall

Welcome to this moment. (my yogi Ken loves to say that)

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Happy Friday Eve You4ians! of Fall

Another Friday is almost here.  Enjoy your weekend and intend great fun.  Smiles, Jim

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Happy 18th Andrew

Or should I say Mr. Andrew now that you are of age?  :)

Have an awesome birthday.  Love, Uncle Jim and Uncle Dave

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Ease and Flow all day long

My intention for today is to feel ease and flow as I go about my work/play and activities, connections and communications.  

What's yours????

Smiles, Jim