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This is a group for healers living in San Francisco or interested in living in San Francisco. As healers we share a common intention in our lives. Let's create houses full of healers so that we can always be surrounded by people who support and appreciate us in this challenging journey we are all in. Together we can make amazing things happen in our lives and in our world.


If you have a house in San Francisco you would like to share with other healers, please post the intersection or general area as well as an approximate rent amount.


If you are interested in moving into a house of healers in San Francisco, please post your desired rent amount range, what neighborhoods you are willing to or would prefer to live in, when you might be able to move in, and if you have pets.

Also let everybody know your intentions for living together with other healers.


I'm ready to jump ship!

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I've been living alone for many years now.  I got cats which helps, but I still feel isolated at home a lot of the time.  After spending a weekend up north in Cobb, CA with a dozen other healers I really got a taste of what home should feel like--community meals, people who really know how to listen, and healers excited to discover life!  It's kind of like being at camp except that it's your daily life!


I can afford about $1000/mo for a room and will need to bring my 2 cats along with me.  I love to cook, and I happen to eat gluten-free.  I am currently studying energy massage and shamanism.

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