World School: The Creation Course

Welcome to The Creation Course's Continuation Group

On behalf of all of us at the World School we would like to welcome you to The Creation Course continuation group at You4ia! We're so glad that you appreciate the value of following through on your intentions from The Creation Course.

We have created this group for you as a resource for deepening your awareness of your POWER and to assist in the full realization of the habits of thought, emotion and inspired action that you so strongly desire. This group also exists as a place where you can experiment with the exponential power of co-creation as you leverage the tools of You4ia!

Just a reminder to sign up for the FREE 30-Day Attraction Program and the Free 7-Day Test Drive of The Creator Network Speedshops (See "FREE" on the main menu bar). These have been designed in cooperation with the World School to ensure that it's students have access to the most powerful training available in how to apply the principles and practices of attraction and manifestation in their lives.

If you would like to volunteer to support this group as an administrator, we could use your help--it's a simple task and a great opportunity for you to keep practicing the principles in your life. You will benefit from the activity for sure. Just send a message to DavidRoss and he will hook you up. Thank you.

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