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This group is for us to stay connected and to support each other as we venture out into new and amazing areas of LIFE!

Love to you all!!!

 Joy : )  

We also want you all to have a place to play with all you have learned over the past year.



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Love, Love, Love this Group

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Hi everyone!  It is so awesome to see all the wonderful pictures and to read the comments.  I have been doing the advice I gave for healthy fun at the talks and it has really been great.  I have created some very interesting green drinks and salads.  The first time I put on a CD to move with I picked Vonda Shepard and the music from Ally Mc Beal.  I ended up moving, jumping on my rebounder and dancing around the house for the whole thing!!!  A lot more exercise than I usually do without fantastic upbeat  music.  I've been tuning into funny things on TV and enjoying sending jokes on to some of you.  Someone who is more electronically savvey than I am could maybe post them here for everyone to enjoy.  I laughed histerically at the how to give a cat a pill one that my sister sent.  I won't go into detail about how all the other health practices went, but I have lots of good  brain chemistry.



Janice Austin

Janice,  Hey, thanks for

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Hey, thanks for the email!   It has really been going around. 

How are you filling up your weekends since graduation?

I have been jogging lots more and met a couple rather interesting gentlemen.

I even went dancing!!!!!!!!!  That was soooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!

I've go lots of new work and new opportunities.  I love this life!!




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