Q: I am concerned about my privacy. Will anonymous visitors see all my information?

A: We care very much about You4ia! being a safe place to play.

We have taken the following steps to protect sensitive information and reduce potential spamming:

  1. We use a Captcha system when registering to ensure software robots don't invade our system to spam us.
  2. Private messaging and emailing can only be done by registered users logged on.
  3. There is no Birthday field in your profile. You can enter your birthday in the Celebration Day field if you want. No year is identified.
  4. There is an Age field in the dating section, separate from the Celebration Day. It is free-form and you can enter something like "40-ish."
  5. If you wish to keep your identity private, you may enter just the first letter of your last name or leave it blank altogether.

We will continue to improve privacy features as You4ia! grows. Additional privacy features are currently under consideration.


You4ia! Site Updates and Status

Contact List Importer for Invite


This is a really cool feature to quickly get your friends playing with you on You4ia!

The contact list importer is available from the Invite Form and works with most mail systems.

Please send feedback if you find an email provider that is not importing properly.


Thank you

The You4ia!-Twitter Connection is Now Available

You may now post to yourTwitter account through You4ia! You may also sign in to You4ia! using your Twitter credentials. You can now Tweet all your You4ia! blogs, videos, and testimonials. Here's how!

  • To set up your Twitter account within You4ia! go to the Twitter section of account edit and enter your Twitter username and password. Once entered, everything you post on You4ia! will be Tweeted. The email address you use for Twitter does not have to match the address you use for You4ia! (but it can).
  • To log on with Twitter, click the Login with Twitter link at the bottom of the sign-on form. If you are already logged into Twitter, you won't have to enter your password.
  • If you don't want to Tweet a specific posting, just unclick the checkbox labeled "Announce this post on Twitter" when you create your post, and your post will not be Tweeted.
  • If you no longer want to Tweet any of your posts, you may remove your Twitter account by visiting the Twitter section of account edit again and deleting your Twitter account link.

Tweeting your blogs is a great way to let your friends know what is happening on You4ia!