Q: I have some concerns about privacy when posting my personal issues. Should I be worried?

A: Thanks for the intention of sharing your personal life with others. Here are some options:

  • If you want to share with just a few personal friends on You4ia!, the best way is to build your personal relationships networks on You4ia!, then use the appropriate network as the limit of the exposure of your post(s). If this sounds a bit technical, let us put you at ease. To build your personal networks, just go to the user profiles of the people you want to intimately connect with and in their status box (upper left section of their profile page) you will see links +friend, +relative, etc. We suggest the Best Friends network for your most intimate sharing.  Once you have added all your Best Friends, you are ready to add your blog or other content. In the blog (or other content) creation form, you will see a section that says "Make this post private to my relationships". Click to open, and under the View column on the appropriate relationship (such as Best Friends) row, click the box to check it. Once this is done, everyone who is not a Best Friend will not be able to see the post when you save it.
  • Private Groups. This requires that you are member of a private group you feel comfortable sharing with. When you create the post, in the section "Groups I'm posting to", select the group you wish to share with.  Make sure the box "Make Public" is not checked. If it is, uncheck it. Then when you save, only members of the group(s) will be able to see your posts. It will still show up in the Blog Vortex, but only for members of groups you selected.
  • Semi-Private Groups. You can post, same as described for Private Groups above, to public groups. Because you are going to make sure the Make Public box is not checked, no one but members of the group(s) will see it. However it is only semi-private because anyone can join  a public group and once they do they will be able to access it. It's kind of like hiding something in a drawer someone could open if they bothered to, rather than a locked safe.
  • To share with only one person, you can always use the Private Message feature, accessible from My Messages under the My You4ia! menu.
  • Keep in mind this caveat: any user who has administrative privileges for the website can access the information you post regardless of any of the above. This is a very small number of people who are very concerned about your privacy and confidentiality.

You4ia! Site Updates and Status

Contact List Importer for Invite


This is a really cool feature to quickly get your friends playing with you on You4ia!

The contact list importer is available from the Invite Form and works with most mail systems.

Please send feedback if you find an email provider that is not importing properly.


Thank you

The You4ia!-Twitter Connection is Now Available

You may now post to yourTwitter account through You4ia! You may also sign in to You4ia! using your Twitter credentials. You can now Tweet all your You4ia! blogs, videos, and testimonials. Here's how!

  • To set up your Twitter account within You4ia! go to the Twitter section of account edit and enter your Twitter username and password. Once entered, everything you post on You4ia! will be Tweeted. The email address you use for Twitter does not have to match the address you use for You4ia! (but it can).
  • To log on with Twitter, click the Login with Twitter link at the bottom of the sign-on form. If you are already logged into Twitter, you won't have to enter your password.
  • If you don't want to Tweet a specific posting, just unclick the checkbox labeled "Announce this post on Twitter" when you create your post, and your post will not be Tweeted.
  • If you no longer want to Tweet any of your posts, you may remove your Twitter account by visiting the Twitter section of account edit again and deleting your Twitter account link.

Tweeting your blogs is a great way to let your friends know what is happening on You4ia!