Q: Is it true that I can earn membership in The Creator Network using You4ia! points?

A: It’s true. It’s true. It’s true! 

You can earn membership in The Creator Network and participate in our Speedshops and Playshops through your participation in You4ia!


And we think it’s a very powerful commitment to make to yourself (to create enough points to do that) because anyone willing to do that must really, really want what they want lots and lots and also because allowing yourself to want what you want is a key ingredient in unleashing your POWER! So, who’s ready to be committed to exploring their fullest potential as a consciously deliberate and deliberately conscious creator of your life experience?

We have created a way that everyone who wants it, gets access to an initial 3-month "Gold Ticket" membership in the Creator Network, no matter her/his financial circumstances. We call it You4ia! Points. You4ia! Points is an automated system within You4ia! that allows everyone to accrue points that can be applied toward membership. How cool is that?


The Big "Why" of You4ia! Points

Long before we imagined You4ia!, we imagined The Creator Network. The Creator Network is a law of attraction training environment using teleconferencing. Its goal is to give everyone in the world access, access, access, access to the clearest and most effective attraction education on planet earth with a special focusing on creating results through positive practices and habits and the power of co-creation. You’ve seen it advertised in the right hand column on most You4ia! pages.


What we began wondering years ago was how we could make it available to everyone on the planet given the high costs of a global telephone coaching system and the vastly different economic realities from country to country.


You4ia! was birthed as an answer to our inquiry. If not everyone could afford The Creator Network's Speedshops and Playshops, we could at least create an online environment that could provide much of the education. Ahhhhh, You4ia! Everyone’s included. Yes!


Yet this wasn’t really enough either. We wondered about all those people who understood the importance and value of The Creator Network and couldn’t yet afford it due to big economic differences from one country to another. Leveling the economic playing field to create global access seemed attractive to us. So what we did was to create "You4ia! Points." Here’s how they work. Are you ready?


Point Values

Whenever you to a task on You4ia!, the system adds points to your account. Now, let’s look at what you will need to do to earn enough points for your first 3-month "Gold Ticket" membership in The Creator Network:

  • 2,000 Points = An Invited Friend Registers in You4ia! (applies only when you use the You4ia! Invite Friends feature).

  • Lots of Points* = Volunteer: The number of points depends on the task and time--see "Volunteeringto learn more.

  • Lots of Points* when you complete a free training program in You4ia! Yes, we're giving you an incentive to learn more about what you're already interested in.

  • Lots of Points* for winning some contests like "best envisioning video," etc.

  • 400 Points = Create an authentic new Group

  • 100 Points = Post an authentic Blog entryforum topicimagevideo, or comment


* = points vary based on multiple factors. You will like it anyway.


Bottom-Lining You4ia! Points

You4ia! Points is weighted to encourage community building (inviting friends to register) and volunteerism/contribution. If you like to enroll and contribute to others, then this is a great fit for you.

If you are especially gifted at inviting others to join and as a result find yourself accumulating lots of points beyond your initial The Creator Network membership, please contact us so we can co-create something even more extraordinary with you! We're open.



Our only caveats for now are these:


1) As of this time, points can only be applied toward a single one-time-only 3-month "Gold Ticket" membership in The Creator Network. Eventually, we will add more items toward which you can apply your points. You are able to donate your points to others for their first TCN membership as well.


2) Since we are unclear at this time as to how the economics of all this will work, be prepared for changes periodically to the way points are calculated. We will let you know with plenty of advanced notice if and when we make changes in calculations.


Redeem Your Points

You will receive your 3-month "Gold Ticket" Membership subscription to The Creator Network when you reach 120,000 You4ia! points.


When you want to use your points, simply send us an email that you're ready to "cash in" and we will issue you a coupon for your TCN membership. Easy-breezy. 

Membership Discounts Too

If you want to join TCN right away (a great investment of your time), you can receive discounts on TCN membership if you have reached the 40,000 or 80,000 point thresholds. For 40,000 points you receive a 33% discount (save $97.00) and for 80,000 points you receive a 66% discount (save $194). Just send us an email when you are ready and we will send you a discount membership coupon code.


Donate to Others

You can donate points to others so they can have access to The Creator Network as well. Just use our system's donation feature. Random acts of kindness, berrrrry goooot.


Track Your Points

Your points are tracked automatically using our nifty software. To see how many points you've earned, click on "My You4ia!" on the upper right hand tool bar and then click on "My You4ia! Points").


Have fun with You4ia! Points and remember, everything is within your reach — everything.


Next Steps:


How to Volunteer! (coming soon)


How to Invite Lots of Friends! (see "Tools for Sharing" video)


You4ia! Site Updates and Status

Contact List Importer for Invite


This is a really cool feature to quickly get your friends playing with you on You4ia!

The contact list importer is available from the Invite Form and works with most mail systems.

Please send feedback if you find an email provider that is not importing properly.


Thank you

The You4ia!-Twitter Connection is Now Available

You may now post to yourTwitter account through You4ia! You may also sign in to You4ia! using your Twitter credentials. You can now Tweet all your You4ia! blogs, videos, and testimonials. Here's how!

  • To set up your Twitter account within You4ia! go to the Twitter section of account edit and enter your Twitter username and password. Once entered, everything you post on You4ia! will be Tweeted. The email address you use for Twitter does not have to match the address you use for You4ia! (but it can).
  • To log on with Twitter, click the Login with Twitter link at the bottom of the sign-on form. If you are already logged into Twitter, you won't have to enter your password.
  • If you don't want to Tweet a specific posting, just unclick the checkbox labeled "Announce this post on Twitter" when you create your post, and your post will not be Tweeted.
  • If you no longer want to Tweet any of your posts, you may remove your Twitter account by visiting the Twitter section of account edit again and deleting your Twitter account link.

Tweeting your blogs is a great way to let your friends know what is happening on You4ia!