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What’s Great About You4ia! Groups?

Think “groups” on You4ia! and think the exponential power of co-creation. What we mean by that is that by creating or participating in a group on You4ia!, you give yourself and others access to far more powerful creation energy than if you were to go it alone.

Why else are groups sooo important?

They can assist you immensely if you want to create habits of thought and emotions that continuously empower you toward your dreams. Groups can keep you inspired and conscious about what you are creating.

And perhaps of greatest value to you, participation in groups can get you out of your precious little “head” space where all your limiting and separating mind-monkey and kong mind thoughts are occurring. Now, with a Sylvester Stallone, Rambo accent, say, “Remember, isolation is the disease and connection is the cure.”

What we want to say to you as gently as we can is: Dude, get out of your head and get connected with other conscious creators. Stop thinking so much about joining groups and just join one or create one. Thinking is for the somedayers. Just do it. Do it.

What’s Sooo Great About You4ia! Groups?

The best things about groups on You4ia! is that you can create them as small or as large as you want make them entirely private or completely public share all sorts of videos and blogs and share comments to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate others and be acknowledged, appreciated, and celebrated by others.

Create synergy for yourself that you don’t get when you’re addictively on your phone or computer all the time developing computer screen brain.

You can create a group on whatever topic you want…dog lovers, dog skeptics, dog trainers, dog rescuers, and even collectors of humorous dog photos and stories for creating more You4ia! and laughter on the WWW.

What’s valuable here is that you can create a group of school classmates, department co-workers, family members, best friends, coaching clients, study or mastermind participants.

And, you can create a group for any topic or purpose: business networking, hobbies, learning, co-creation, or even for collaboration with other insurance providers for the circus industry.

You can create groups that attract new people with common interests or to simply nurture the friendships you already have.

What groups do you want to create or join?


Welcome to a new world of co-creation power in You4ia! Groups!

To Create a Group: Click Here

To Join a Group: Click on the "Join" or "Request Membership" links.

To search for a group: Enter a keyword and click "Apply"

To display all groups: Remove all text from the box and click "Apply"

Group Description Manager Posts Members
Enzo Ferrari Articles


Anonymous Invite only
Russell Simmons is Born


Anonymous Invite only
Mommy Dionsia draws flak for flag-inspired gown


taimi820 1 Invite only
Holistic Nutrition & Fitness

Nutrition is the gateway to all abundance, for all, and fitness brings strength in body, mind and spirit.

therawvegans 1 Request membership
San Francisco Healers' Community Living

Do you love San Francisco but hate the culture of separateness? Let's get together in big houses and create homes full of love and consciousness.

EvieAs123 4 Join
Alaska Trip

Anyone interested in doing an outdoors adventure to Alaska this summer - rafting, hiking, kayaking,

BreathOfFreshAi... 1 3 Join
Outdoorsey, travel, fun & into Healthy food

Anyone who enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, kayaking, biking, travel, and eating lots of fresh organic & preferably locally grown food

BreathOfFreshAi... 1 3 Join
You4ia!: Free 30-Day Attraction Success Group

Welcome all participants in The Attraction Success Program

DavidRoss 7 15 Join
World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts

World School fans come here!

DavidRoss 18 25 Join
World School: The Creation Course

A follow-up group for participants in the life-changing attraction course: The Creation Course

DavidRoss 20 26 Request membership
The You4ia! Acknowledgment Angels

Dedicated to enrolling 100,000 people in the game of acknowledging themselves and others by Dec. 31, 2010. Who wants that?

DavidRoss 12 12 Request membership
World School: Great Life Program Grads

World School: Great Life Program Grads

Jacquie 52 22 Join
Raw Foods

Learning More About Raw Food

Jacquie 1 8 Join
Financial Power

Building Financial Sucess

Jacquie 1 7 Join
I Am Losing It

This is the place to come when your mind is taking over

Jacquie 4 6 Closed
Photo Bugs

For everyone who loves photography. Share your images!

admin 1 2 Join
Cat Lovers

Share stories, pictures, and videos of cats and kittens

Edwin 13 9 Join
De Clutter

De Clutter Our Life and Surroundings

Jacquie 5 11 Join
Toyota Lovers

Join in if you think Toyotas are cool

Edwin 7 4 Join
Dog Lovers

Dog Lovers Group

Edwin 27 8 Join
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