The You4ia! Acknowledgment Angels

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What We Enjoy

This is a team of volunteers who find joy giving others access to the full expression of their gratitude for each other, i.e., that's what we call "acknowledgment."

What We Know

Angels appreciate that sharing acknowledgement and learning to authentically receive acknowledgement from others is one of the most astounding ways of developing habits that empower rich and deep and amazing and powerful co-creation. Acknowledgement = Creation Speed

Here's What Angels Do

1) Angels play in the background of You4ia! and The Creator Network as acknowledgers and trainers of You4ians in the art of authentic and heartfelt acknowledgement.

2) Angels spread access to the intentions and practices of acknowledgment to others outside of You4ia! with a goal of enrolling 100,000 people in practicing authentic acknowledgement by the end of the year 2011. Yes! Who wants that?

If you are a "YES" to acknowledgment, come play with us...and you will even get lots of You4ia! points doing it. We love You4ia! points.

How to Join Us

Please click the tab "How to Play"

No matter what you choose, we are grateful for your intention to support the fulfillment of our vision. Would you please imagine us at our party celebrating 100,000 people acknowleged. Thank you and see you there.

The Angels



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