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The Creation Course: The Heart of Health and Wealth is an unprecedented, three-day, play-intensive and “HOW TO” training for creating the life you want by leveraging the POWER OF…(and you can call it whatever you please) 

    * …The Mind
    * …Intention
    * …Attraction and Manifestation
    * …The Placebo Effect
    * …"The Secret"
    * …Conscious Creation
    * …Prayer
    * …Positive Thinking
    * …The Law of Attraction
    * …The Laws of Success

Whatever you choose to name it, this is perhaps the most profoundly transformational introductory course available today on embodying the essence of YOUR POWER.

And unlike most weekend motivational and inspirational seminars that you have forgotten by Monday morning, this is a hands-on, practical, apply-it-to-your-life-for-the-rest-of-your-life training!

It’s What’s at the “Heart of Health and Wealth”

The Creation Course is your access to the most valuable information you can possess—an understanding of the fundamental principles and practices that contribute to all forms of success, from health to wealth to wisdom. In other words, what works for your health and wealth is exactly the same thing that’s responsible for success in every area of your life.

The Ultimate “How To”Attraction Course

There are other courses on this subject. Yet The Creation Course may be the ultimate “how to” course that’s ever been developed. In fact, we are so clear that this is the most valuable information that could be shared with another human being that we spent nearly five years in the writing and then testing of this course with hundreds of students to ensure that this course offering would create the results the world needs.

How You Will Benefit

Students tell us that The Creation Course experience transforms their lives in many different ways. Here’s just some of what they tell us they have created for themselves out of this remarkable experience:


Personal Transformation

  • Create your life deliberately rather than by default of your unconscious limiting thoughts.
  • Attract exactly who and what you want.
  • Transform your thoughts and emotions as they occur so as to create habits that attract to you what you want MoreBetterFasterThanYouCanPossiblyImagine!

Emotions and Stress Release

  • Discover the secrets of following your personal, inner guidance system.

  • Release your “negative”emotions so that you can learn to welcome them and live free of fear.

  • Free yourself from your negative self-talk and stress to degrees you never thought possible.


  • Stop blaming yourself and everyone around you for just about everything.
  • Discover the secrets of how to attract your soul mate.


  • Tune-in to and release your thought and emotion habits that create your financial ceiling.

Life Purpose and Direction

  • Discover how to actually “follow your bliss” and why it’s the most important choice you can make in your life.
  • Allow yourself to make your joy and gratitude such a high priority that you can live YOUR dreams.

Optimum Health

  • Discover how to achieve optimum health and human performance.

Community and Connection

  • Create your own community and support system to help you form creation habits that get results and last.

Present Moment Awareness

  • Become more “present” by distinguishing your REAL SELF from your mind chatter.


You Can Attend for Free

Call the World School and register you and your guest now. This offer is available for a limited time only.

  • San Francisco: 415-221-2533
  • Pleasanton: 925-461-2533
  • Corte Madera: 415-924-9833

Still waiting for something before you call? If it's joy you're feeling, call now. If there's pain, what's the limiting thought your emotions are pointing out to you? IN either case, call now and tell them you're open to more You4ia! 


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