Our Co-creators


These are our advisors and day-to-day co-creators--wise beyond their apparent ages (and species). Not only do they give great advice, they are some of the most wonderful and accomplished people on the planet. Our adivsors are CEO's, COO's, artists, authors, educators, and entrepreneurs. Each advisor has dedicated her/his life to making our world a better place. We should all have the chance to play with them more! That's really why they're here.




Edwin B., Douglas, Arizona



"Bringing joy to others is ecstasy for me."





Adam G., New York, New York



"I am the peace and warmth of connection."








Laurie M., San Jose, California



"Who I am is the possibility of ecstasy, discovery, and magic."







Patricia C., Mill Valley, California



"I playfully inspire others in the mastery of transformational living."







Jackie K., Port Washington, New York



"The metaphor hidden in word or visual image enchants the world. 
I am an artist who plays with that fire. Got a match?"






Dan L., Fort Bragg, California



"I live with joy, passion, and love. I am a shining example of health, vitality, and possibilities that inspire those around me to step up to be their very best."





Cherie S., Fort Bragg, California



"I stand for inspiration, motivation, cocreation, empowerment, healthy living, and the joy of connection."




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Call us at 408-445-1983. Our office play hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM PDT. Our email address is Play@TheCreatorNetwork.org.

The Creator Network is operated by Easy Being Green LLC, which contributes massively to charitable causes.

We love suggestions, for they give us the opportunity to cocreate with you the community that you desire. The flourishing of our community depends to a large degree upon the quality of feedback we receive from you. We are grateful for your willingness to make suggestions and for the tangible contribution you make to our community. Call or email us.