Our Purpose and Values


Who We Are

You4ia! and it's parent, The Creator Network, are a unique and visionary community of conscious creators. We represent a new way of living in the world for those awake to a life of deliberate and conscious creation. It’s our heart's desire that if you want this too, you will come play with us.

Our Purpose

Joy! Joy! JOY!


Our Values

Conscious Creation.

We create our reality all the time. Together, let's live every moment as consciously and deliberately as possible.


We live in gratitude. Let’s join with friends and family and attract the appreciation adventure of a lifetime(s).


Connecting with like-minded creators is powerful, inspirational, and exciting. Let’s manifest the conscious community of our dreams.


We are already whole and complete. All is well. Let’s play.


As each of us thinks and feels, so our world becomes. Let’s be in our world the way we want our world to be.