Become an Acknowledgment Angel

We need an infinite number of what we call Acknowledgment Angels. Here are some of the things they do: 

A) Acknowledge new members to connect new members with the astounding things their higher selves have been saying to them all along and to train them in opening to the feelings of receiving. How does that feel as you imagine yourself acknowledging people? 

B) Acknowledge people outside of You4ia! A primary outreach of You4ia! is spreading acknowledgment and gratitude everywere and as often as we can. We are creating teams of acknowledgers who are willing to imagine acknowledgment as a "viral" experience on the web and across the globe. How does that feel when you think of yourself doing that?

There's much, much more here. It's everything acknowldgment you can imagine. If any of that feels really great, visit the Acknowledgment Angels Group. P.S.you get specialized training too!


CLICK HERE to request participation in our Acknowledgment Angels program.



Volunteering Builds Co-creation Habits!

Volunteering creates the relationships that can transform your way of being into a masterful co-creator. In other words, for many, WHO you spend time with will affect your ability to attract powerfully perhaps more any other factor. You4ia!s community members, affirming and empowering people with a shared vision for contribution and co-creation, are exactly who you want to surround yourself with! You've found your peeps. Are you open to letting them in?  


Where would you like to play with co-creators? Here are some of the opportunities for you. Remember, you can stock up a ridiculous number of You4ia! Points volunteering. 


If you would like to learn about our other volunteer options, please contact us by clicking...

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