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Q: My image looks fuzzy on You4ia!...Why?

A: Try uploading a higher-resolution image.

A minimum resolution of 500px wide should give good results.

Q: Why doesn't my animated GIF move?

A: You4ia! caches images in non-animated format

If you are really set on showing others an animated GIF, you can use the toolbar to add it to the image description area.

Q: When I click on a thumbnail, sometimes it pops up the full-sized image, and sometimes it takes me to the image page. Why?

A: We have combined uploaded and embedded images in the galleries; the behavior is different in each case. Also, some of the images are skipped over when I click on Next in the pop-up box.

Q: How do I upload images to create an image gallery?

A: Hover over the Create menu item and click on the item Upload an Image below it.

Q: In the gallery display on my profile, the title text is cut off. Why?

A: We limit the display of titles so that the gallery displays are consistent and compact.

If the title looks strange, try re-wording it.

Q: How big can the images I upload be?

A: The maximum width is 650 pixels and the maximum height is also 650 pixels

Note: an exception to this is your profile picture, which is limited to a maximum of 100X100

Q: What file types are supported for image uploads?

A: .jpg, .gif, .png

We prefer .jpg files because they are the most compact and will allow your image displays to load faster

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