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The You4ia!-Twitter Connection is Now Available

You may now post to yourTwitter account through You4ia! You may also sign in to You4ia! using your Twitter credentials. You can now Tweet all your You4ia! blogs, videos, and testimonials.

Q: How do I spell-check my blogs and other content?

A: Use browser spellchecker

Spellcheckers are generally plug-ins to your browser or integrated with your browser. 

Q: Why are there so many categories? How do I know what to choose?

A: The categories help to make visible your content in an appropriate context

Q: What do the red asterisks mean?

Red asterisks at the end of a field label indicate that it is a required field.

If you forget to enter it, you will be prompted for missing data.

Q: What video sources can I share from?

A: Yes

The following video service providers are supported by You4ia!

Q: How do I add a blog or other content?

A: Use the Create button at the top right of any You4ia page, then select the type of content you wish to creete.


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