David Ross is Awesome!

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When I first met David, I thought "Who is this guy?"  He's so upbeat and he seems to always have an answer to my many many questions.  As a student, I had lots of questions, usually with the preface of "what about this situation" or "this situation" 
I've had some situation in classes, (non World School Classes) where the teacher didn't take the time to answer questions that I had.  I left those particular classes not feeling valued or that my question mattered. 


What I value most out of the time spent with David is that he is THERE with you. He is Present. He provides space for my inquiries and is curious to know more.  I always felt that David was eager to provide assistance and eager to engage in the conversation.  I loved that it was a conversation. It was engaging to see he valued what I thought.  We each have knowledge and experience that we bring to each conversation.


When he teaches he engages the classroom so that everyone has space for questions, everyone is heard and most importantly everyone is understood.  I value that he gives space for each individual to be who they are, without any judgement. When he engages in a conversation with you, its nice to feel that there are no assumptions lingering in the background. His intention for sharing knowledge is beautiful. 


I have access now to so many inner resources that previously I had cut off from myself. 


Thank you for helping shine a light within.





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nice story

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it is nice story i am also related in a story