Why Jim Ross is the World's Greatest Brother

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I would like to testimonialate my brother, Jim Ross. Jim Ross models for me a conscious commitment to allowing his own joy and well being to be a primary priority in life. His example has continued to inspire me for years and keeps reminding me that life is great! Modeling "allowing" is a great gift. Jim is the quintessential "allower" and giver of this gift.

With infinite gratitude,

David Ross


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Thank you

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Dear David,

Thank you for sharing your love and appreciation for your brother. I am inspired by the relationship the two of you have built and it fills my need for close family connections.  Thank you.  I now plan to send my brothers and sister a message reminding them of my love and appreciation for each of them.

I also want to thank you for the amazing workshop this past weekend.  As always, you give 110% and it felt so wonderful to receive each and every moment.  

Much Love and Many Hugs,


He was a great human being

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Thank for the touching words David!

- Your friend at Towing service Missouri City