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Day 3 Creation Videos

My intention for my day is ease and understanding.

My kitty is having surgery today and I'm holding space for myself to feel a little nervous about it.


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What is new? I would like to hear from Fellow You4ia's

Its been quiet on the You4ia board.  I would love to hear from others to see how everyone has been.


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There are days to celebrate the uncomfortable...

Today started like any other.  Then around 11 a.m. my boss walked by and impromptly decided that myself and my co-workers were going to have a meeting.

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Reading, Articles, Books, Quotes: Please share!

Good morning all,

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I'm celebrating right now!
Its been a few years since I started and completed an art project.

I started and finished a picture for my sister for Christmas.  

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Limitless Mind by Russell Targ

I just finished the book called Limitless Mind by Russell Targ.

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Faster Manifestation Than A Speeding Deer

Just yesterday, I was recalling an old and very happy memory of petting a domesticated deer years ago. I hadn't thought of that experience in many years.