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What's Available in You4ia! Video?

    Instant access to the amazing creation power of your emotions.

    WHAT deliberately used videos to create the emotional attraction states that speed to you what you want?

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    Introduction: THE POWER of You4ia! Video

    One of the games the mind chatter likes to play with us is to put us into an unconscious mental drift so that we're unaware of the reality our mind chatter is creating for us or attracting to us. It's like going out to swim in the ocean where there's a strong current and looking back to shore ten minutes later only to discover that the point you went out is now a quarter of a mile down the beach. You know the drift of which I speak, yes?

    So that's why so many people who want to express their power most fully realize the importance of focusing on thoughts that keep you moving on a clear path toward what you want rather than floating aimlessly toward whatever your chaotic mind chatter patterns choose for you. That's why so many people, including ourselves quite emphatically, choose deliberate creation over the kind the drift has for you. Are you open to allowing yourself to choose a life of deliberate creation?

    All that said, we've created this video section as a place that you can come to play deliberately. To share your favorite videos and explore what others are sharing with you. To tune into your emotions, to play with your emotional states in a conscious and deliberate way. To spend just a little more time in what? Yes, joy. And just a little less time in what? Yes, less in stress. IN...Joy and Stress...LESS. Yesss.

    The other reason we've created You4ia! video is just so you can have more fun. It's important to avoid being serious about having fun you know. You've intended your joy. Trust in the power of your intention. Let go of your joy strategies. Just have fun and you will notice your joy arising naturally and without effort and you find yourself laughing more and more and more.

    So play here. Be easy with yourself. Explore what thoughts during these videos really bring you joy. Stay awake to what you're feeding your mind--yet with ease and self-acceptance rather than with your mind chatter's self-critical rigidity. And above all enjoy. Enjoyable emotions...they're why you're here. Are you open to letting more in?

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