Blog Vortex: Appreciation

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Celebrating Fall


The air is turning and Yosemites is open again so all is right with the world.  Our days are shorter though no less sweet for the waning time.

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I <3 the awesome people in my life!

I'd like to express my appreciation of my parents for being incredibly supportive, and loving me just as I am.'s picture

I would like to show appreciaton

I would like to show appreciation to myself for completing my 30 day program on You4ia.  I had few episodes left to watch for over a month now and finally did it.'s picture

I appreciate...

... my friends and people in my life who are all God sent.  They give me the best advise at the best time when I need them most.  You are all so special.  Thank you.'s picture

I am calling my soulmate into my life

Today I woke up and felt like I need to go to my special place on the hill in San Francisco.  Just to feel the joy and celebration of my life and all the meaningful things that came to me.

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New Home

I really love my new home. It is so peaceful. I really expierence a lot of tranquility here and it just gets better and better.

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I am appreciative of David Ross's authenticity. The videos are about the same as being with him in person.

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I appreciate my family and friends. laugh

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Appreciating My Daughter

My daughter, you are my pride and joy! I cherish every second that I spend with you. You are strong and independent in your thinking but gentle and compassionate when dealing with people.