Blog Vortex: Celebration

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Celebrating Great Energy

I'm enjoying my good physical energy to do all the things I need to get done. My body takes care of me when I take care of it. Yay!

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I'm celebrating right now!
Its been a few years since I started and completed an art project.

I started and finished a picture for my sister for Christmas.  

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Lunar Eclipse Soon

There is a lunar eclipse coming up the night of the 20th of December 2010. If you have clear skies, look up and enjoy! For details see:


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The You4ia!-Twitter Connection

You4ian Tweeters: you can now link your Twitter account to You4ia! to automatically Tweet all your You4ia! posts. Simple instructions HERE

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Celebrating New Community Members @ SGS

I'm celebrating 2 new community members coming to Sacred Garden Sanctuary within the next 5 weeks!

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Enjoying the Great Weekend Live with Bijan


Bijan and I are here at The Great Weekend and we're celebrating: We're celebrating the excitement of seeing the new You4ia! Beta being launched!

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Lettin' It In

Hi friends. Just a reminder of the FUN-damentals:The clearest indicator of alignment with your higher-broader-inner-innate POWER is how much joy you're letting in. I'm lettin' in gratitude for you and the San Francisco Giants (the celebration parade starts in five minutes). What are you willing to let in now?