Blog Vortex: Mind Chatter

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Reklama na telebimach

Reklama w Medicover Atrakcyjna lokalizacja nośników to chociaż sam z wielu atutów reklamy na ekranach LED.

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Just Mind Chatter

Mind chatter says, I'm not doing this right.

Mind chatter says, I won't have what I want.

Mind chatter says, Somethings wrong with me.

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Loss Chatter

Gosh I just feel so overwhelmed. The mind scatters from Tommy to my insurance to my lost papers to miscellaneous chatter. At least I know the source of my feelings. I feel lonely. I feel sad.

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Mind chatter about posting in blog vortex

I've been wanting to post in the blog vortex but having a lot of mind I'm just going to post that


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Wrong Chatter

This chatter comes in the form of a picture. Its a mental image of my ex with another girl, flirting.

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Breakup Chatter

I keep having these thoughts that say, "One day he'll

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Mind Chatter Chatterin

Mind chatter says Im wasting energy. Mind chatter says I'll get in trouble for using the heater. Mind chatter says I wont last here long. Mind chatter says this opportunity will run out.

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MC says what

Mind chatter says my mom sucks. Mind chatter says how am I going to pay for all this. Mind chatter says I don't have enough money. Mind chatter says I need more.

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Babble Babble Babble

The mind chatter says I should be doing more..meh. It also says Im not good enough, I should go outside more, I should do more. Sheeesh

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Anxiousness, excitement, fear, hope, inspiration...I felt all of these feelings and more in just a matter of a couple hours during the first nig